Colored tights: How and what to wear

Colored tights: How and what to wear
 Colored tights - it's not the only thing that warms your feet, but also a bright accessory that will change your image. They can be worn with any female figure, most importantly, to combine with outerwear.
 Tights white desirable to select dense and dull, do not get involved too delicate or thin tights. They can give your legs bluish color. Combine white tights with gray dress or a white skirt to create a soft and fresh image. Emphasize harmony of legs will help the little black dress. Want to be fragile and air? Combine tights with dresses pastel shades.

Gray - is versatile and can be combined with a variety of outfits.

Tights bright colors will go well with black or dark gray clothing. It is not necessary to combine the dark things with the same color tights - you risk getting dark and featureless image.

Selection of tights that match the color of the bottom part of your kit will visually increase the length of your legs and give variety to your usual outfit. Tights that color will be a good complement everyday kit restrained colors and can mitigate aggressive image created clothing causing shades.

To the original color tights blend in with your image, add to it the same color as an accessory. This can be a belt, gloves, handbag or scarf.

A good supplement will be colored tights to the dress or tunic, having a design in the form of floral ornament. Color can be combined as the background, and drawings on it. The less color in the picture will look more expressive combination.

The combination of colors of pantyhose and shoes low girls can be used for visual extension of his legs. The original image will give tights with ornament, if any color will match the color of the shoe.

Colored tights with a pattern must be worn with a dress or a skirt above the knee length is not to get the image unfinished.

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