What is harmful microwave

What is harmful microwave
 Virtually every home, restaurant and café with a microwave, which became indispensable appliances for heating and defrosting food products. In fact, the use of microwave ovens can be harmful and dangerous to human health.
 First we need to understand how to operate a microwave. Light waves, microwaves and radio waves - one of the forms of electromagnetic energy. Microwaves are rather short, with the ability to move at the speed of light. Microwaves, except for use in the oven, are also used for international and long distance telephone services, Internet and satellite transmitters on Earth. But most people are familiar microwaves that are used for cooking and heating.

In a microwave oven contains a magnetron, in which the impact is precisely the harm. This device converts electrical energy into a conventional high-frequency electric field with a frequency 2450 MHz (megahertz). This electric field interacts with the water molecules, which is in the food. Therefore utensils barely heats itself, but only from the heated food already.

The microwaves act on water molecules, so that they begin to rotate at great speed - millions of times per second. This gives rise to molecular friction, and which heats the food. This friction is capable of causing damage to the fibers of food and molecules, they are broken and deformed. To put it simply, the microwave radiation at the time of killing in the products of all living things, causing the collapse of food.

In terms of biology, the most harmful to the human body is a high-frequency radiation in the centimeter range, which gives the electromagnetic radiation of high intensity. Such radiation is impossible to hear, see or feel, but they adversely affect the human body. The mechanism of action of the microwaves does not appear immediately, but gradually accumulates, leading to serious diseases.

Microwave radiation leads gradually to the weakening of human cells. And because the cells have significantly broken and destroyed, the cell membranes are not able to protect them against the ingress of fungi, viruses and other microorganisms. In addition, the natural self-repair mechanisms are suppressed.

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