Stress - the modern killer

Stress - the modern killer
 The twenty-first century in the yard. People live faster and faster, always somewhere to run, somewhere late, nervous, tired, overwork, stress test. Stop Stress! It is this word to describe the spread of negative feelings experienced by the majority of the population of the Earth. By the way it's pretty serious. After all, what is called stress, sometimes die.

Scientists and doctors are sounding the alarm - a new serial killer, from which there is little or no protection! This applies to everyone, because no one is immune from its pernicious influence.

Basically, if you look, it is from stress no one has died. This "indirect" killer. It acts by proxy. Many people smoke, drink alcohol, drink tablets. But it all does not go in vain.

Try to understand. What do a person experiences during times of stress? Typically, this is a whole bunch of different emotions, which can not cope. This fatigue, the desire to quit, fatigue, anger, aggression, resentment, fear, desire, hope, disappointment. The list can be overwhelming. Many conflicting feelings do not allow the brain to focus on a particular direction, and it "breaks".

Struggling with this by different means. Some go to a psychologist (can be in a church, if a believer), open soul, pour all their suffering and throwing. One conversation itself does not solve the problem, but is considerably easier. Plus hear the answer - or take some medication to calm the nervous system, or (from the church) to suffer, because the Lord sends to our share of suffering and trials in order to test our devotion to him.

Someone begins to seek salvation at the bottom of the glass. Not the best option, it must be admitted. So it is possible to get drunk to the extent that life will be nemila and the only way out will become the head, push in the loop.

The best option is (for the recognition of psychologists) is the emotional and physical unloading. Can approach sports, where you can fully implement the output of negative energy (beat a punching bag, for example). If sport is not suitable for any reason - Have sex. Again, for the recognition of scientists, a good long sex improves mood, reduces stress, keeps the shape. Plus execution of marital debt and happy and strong family.

Output is always there. It is only necessary to try to find him. Only if you can avoid the premature death of the "modern killer."

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