Secrets of Herbal Medicine: insidious grass

Secrets of Herbal Medicine: insidious grass
 In recent years become fashionable rejection of drugs and replacing them with herbs. But sometimes the use of the gifts of nature, instead of improving results in the opposite effect. What is myth and what is truth, when it comes to traditional medicine?

It is believed that the use of grass much more useful than using chemicals, because the plant material contains more components. This assertion is debatable. Medicinal substances in plants is not always the best fit properly. Despite the fact that in traditional medicine plants used for thousands of years, modern science knows about their properties are much smaller than about tablets.

The concentration of therapeutic substances in plants of one species may vary considerably due to the fact that the plant grew in different areas. Therefore, when the application does not exclude the possibility of overdose or conversely, shortage of necessary substances.

Proponents of alternative medicine claim that plants do not contain harmful chemicals. Unfortunately, they do not take into account that in the atmosphere and the soil of our planet due to human industrial activity has accumulated a huge amount of chemical compounds that easily penetrate and herbal medicinal raw materials.

Impact of herbs has a beneficial effect on the human body. This is also not true. As with any chemical preparation plants are not only medicinal properties, but also side effects.

Herbal teas do not cause allergic reactions. In fact, one in five people experiencing allergy attacks, gets her due to a reaction to certain plants. For example, Chinese magnolia vine known for its ability to give courage, but every twentieth person magnolia is the state of lethargy.

Most supporters of herbal medicine believes that herbal teas and infusions can be safely consumed over a long period of time. They attribute this to the fact that herbal remedies act gently. However, do not forget that even the constant application of herbal medicines can be addictive, and some herbs may contain toxic substances. Therefore, he is drawn away of folk medicine, do not pass by the official medicine. Excess consultation with the attending physician will not hurt you.

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