Rules for personal safety

Rules for personal safety
 Each of the people may be in a situation where he would have to take care of their own security on their own. You can not always count on someone's help. In this case, no one is safe from a chance encounter with something really out of the ordinary troubles. But it is possible to observe some safety rules that reduce the likelihood of similar situations to a minimum.
 Despite the fact that there are various personal protective equipment, which the law allowed to be in possession of, for example, electric shock, or pepper spray, does not the fact that people are not prepared specifically, will be able to properly use them. You need to follow the basic rules of their own behavior, which can help avoid trouble.

Try not to walk in the dark alone. If you can not do it otherwise, choose well-lit places.

If it so happened that you had to get home one night, and you notice that someone is behind you, try to avoid meeting. Change the route, if possible, go where more people. If people have no, or at least stick to the road on which cars drive.

When you realize that a collision does not go away, do not panic and do not create the impression that you - easy prey. Stay confident look in his eyes. Very often this is enough to prevent a conflict situation.

Knowing that you will want to come back home late, dress flashy. Avoid outdoor clothes and bright and expensive jewelry.

Do not use trucks, drivers that offer you a lift. Better get on public transport. If he does not go, call a taxi.

Be sure to purchase a means of self-defense and trained to use them. Always keep them with you when you leave the house.

If you have your own car, some safety rules associated with it, will allow you to protect yourself from possible trouble.

Prepare in advance keys, found them in the pocket or remove from her purse. Before you go to the car, look around. When you leave it, too, do not forget to look around the neighborhood.

Always lock the car. The first reason is that you can steal something, and the second - in the car can enter someone else. Also be sure to close the doors and windows, even at a time when you're in the car, as someone can get into it, for example, at a traffic light or intersection, unbeknownst to you.

On public transport, take in those subway cars or trains, where more people. In the bus, trolleybus and tram a seat closer to the driver. Try to choose a well-lit waiting stop. Better to order a taxi home rather than catch the car on the street.

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