How to use the "Zener"

How to use the "Zener"
 "Zener" - for the treatment of acne. It consists of erythromycin and zinc. With regular use, skin becomes smooth and even. Release form of the drug: powder and a special solvent. Buy this tool, you can at any pharmacy.
 Erythromycin - an antibacterial agent, and zinc - a trace mineral that revitalizes the skin and reduces sebum production. For external use of the drug is practically not enter the bloodstream, so no major contraindications to the use of no. Allergic reactions are possible only because of intolerance to the active ingredients.

Before using the medication is advisable to consult a dermatologist. If you did not, then carefully read the summary, which describes in detail the process of making and using tools. If you do not, then do not worry, everything is very simple.

Mix the powder and a special solvent. Shake the bottle into motion. After mixing the drug store in the refrigerator for 3-4 weeks. During this time, in principle, you will have time to use all of the solution.

Use the medication in the morning before applying makeup and evening, after you thoroughly clean the skin. Tilt the bottle and gently press it down with the nozzle applicator treat the affected skin. The average daily dose of 1 ml. Do not apply more funds than recommended - the effect will be the same, and you spend the extra money. The average course of treatment should be approximately 10-12 weeks. If necessary, may be extended after a short break.

If during use will side effects: itching, redness, dryness, irritation, and other, the course does not need to stop. Watch for further reaction. In some cases it is temporary and gradually go away.

"Zener" is compatible with other drugs. Overdosing means is impossible, since it is absorbed into the bloodstream in small amounts. If a positive result does not appear, contact your dermatologist to rule out other skin problems, such as demodicosis (mites).

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