How to relieve tension

How to relieve tension
 You come home after a hard day's work. You worked all day, you are dead tired, and the only thing you want now - it fall flat on the bed and forget sleep until the morning. Sound familiar, does not it? In fact, this method does not help you to completely recuperate before the next working day.

There are several techniques to relieve fatigue and stress, and of them you can learn from this article.

First of all, returning home, lie down on the bed in a comfortable position, close your eyes and just lie down a few minutes, thinking about pleasant. Then stand up and shake the whole body. The right hand gently and softly massage the top of the head, and left stroke stomach. Then gently massage your ears (not to redness).

Now zaymёmsya visualization. Again lie down and close your eyes. Imagine a beautiful summer landscape - green grass, blue sky, trees and birds. Try to feel the aroma of herbs and flowers, warm breezes, try to hear the birds singing.

If you are too tense, then you have another way. Sit in a chair and close your eyes. Imagine that in front of you now is your most favorite person. Imagine that everything, everything bad that has accumulated inside you, flows out, dissolves, leaving your body. Now stand up, ran to the spot, lean forward, and then arch your back.

To relieve physical stress, there are several other ways:

1. If you have a headache in the neck, then cross your hands behind your head and neck to push hands.
2. If you are tired and tense shoulders, then cross your arms in front in front of chest, put a hand on his shoulders, inhale and push their shoulders.
3. To remove the fatigue for a few seconds press down with your fingertips on the whiskey. Repeat this exercise several times - must undergo the fatigue.
4. If you have a backache, then sit on your heels and squeeze your hands. Now fists start stroking up and down the spine.
5. In order to relax the hands and fingers, bend your hands, and then press their fingers spread. At the same time inhale deeply.

If you do not sleep, then at bedtime take a warm bath, preferably with some essential oils like lavender. To improve sleep, taken at bedtime motherwort tincture - stir in a few drops of boiled water.

Try not to take too seriously all the stressful situation, remember - the nerve cells to regenerate, but very, very slowly. Good luck to you and peace.

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