How to identify diabetes

How to identify diabetes
 Diabetes mellitus - a chronic disease characterized by an increase in blood sugar levels and a violation of its absorption by the body. This condition is caused by a deficiency of insulin - a hormone, pancreatic cancer, or a low activity. Despite the fact that the initial stage of the disease can occur any time asymptomatic, yet there are signs that can be detected by diabetes.
 The normal component of blood sugar is in the range 3.3-5.5 mmol / l - in the morning on an empty stomach. Above the norm already regarded as diabetes. However, to make an accurate diagnosis, you need repeated blood and urine tests. Their implementation should be in the absence of concomitant illnesses occurring in the acute stage, since in these cases can be a sign of glycosuria recurrent disease, rather than diabetes.

Modern methods of investigation can detect diabetes and use of exhaled air for the presence of acetone in it - the product of glucose metabolism. But to carry out any analysis commonly pushed still suspicious symptoms that are characteristic of diabetes and the first and second type.

At the initial stage of diabetes manifests increased thirst. Sometimes she even interrupted sleep and forced to drink water. When this is used up to a few cups.

Frequent urination. The volume of urine is much higher than the amount of fluids you drink. This is due to the fact that elevated blood sugar fluid removes from the cells, dehydrate them, with the result that there xerostomia.

A sign of diabetes can be itchy. And more often than it appears at first in the crotch area and around the anus. As the disease progresses skin problems become more pronounced and appear formation of boils, eczema and long non-healing wounds.

Due to violation of transport to the tissues of glucose - the main source of energy, the muscles are hungry. The result is fatigue, impotence and decreased disability.

If the first signs of the disease in time to pay attention can be detected at an early stage of diabetes. But since its beginning can be asymptomatic, after 40 years, better every 3 years to do a blood test for sugar. For those who are overweight and having a family history of such analysis should be done every year.

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