How to choose vitamins for eyes

How to choose vitamins for eyes
 From eye health depends on the quality of human life, which is why it is necessary 1-2 times a year to visit an ophthalmologist to quickly identify those or other diseases. But some problems serious treatment is required. Cope with the discomfort and slight deterioration of vitamins help to the eye.
 Reliably determine what is lacking vitamin for healthy eyes, it is difficult, but still possible. To do this, you must listen to your instincts.

If your eyes are watering for no apparent reason, and vision in the dark noticeably worse, perhaps we are talking about a lack of vitamin A. Take it in capsules or drops, but rather try to make up the shortfall by adjusting the menu. Daily Eat carrot salad flavored with sour cream. Rosehip and sea buckthorn also will benefit. But the best at helping the liver Vitamin A deficiency (especially beef) and dairy products.

If vision problems are observed not only in the evening, but in broad daylight, there was a tick or ocular photophobia, can not do without the use of B vitamins can drink beer yeast, multivitamin complexes, and in severe cases even injections. But it would be better if you and in this case, review the food. Meat and fish, nuts and vegetables, eggs and cereals - these and many other foods are rich in B vitamins

If in eyes every now and then burst blood vessels, begin to take ascorbic acid. It normalizes permeability of capillaries, resulting in the likelihood of the emergence of new hemorrhage significantly reduced. Add in lemon tea, drink a decoction of rose hips and orange juice, eat cabbage and lettuce - they are rich in vitamin C.

Lack of vitamin E is not so much affect vision, but still some discomfort you can feel in this case. If you are concerned about dryness and burning in the eyes is likely to require admission tocopherol capsules. But here, you can try to cope with the disease through nutrition. Nuts, olive and sunflower oils, eggs and cereals will help compensate for a deficiency of vitamin E.

Even if the problem seems insignificant to you and vitamins are good for you, do not forget to visit the doctor. When at stake is the health of the eye and visual acuity, self unacceptable.

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