How to choose orthopedic shoes

How to choose orthopedic shoes
 Female legs, wrapped in beautiful shoes with heels, attract glances. But the constant walking in high heels detrimental to the health of the feet: there is discomfort in the ankle, possibly stretching the foot. In this case, orthopedic footwear comes in ..
 Women's orthopedic footwear is designed to treat a variety of pathological changes in the legs and prevent disease progression. She claimed not only the elderly, but also young women whose work involves the active movement and constant walking in high heels. Wearing such shoes is assigned to an orthopedic surgeon for flat feet, clubfoot, various deformities of the fingers and foot amputation defects.

Orthopedic shoes facilitates walking, helps to develop the calf muscles and feet, thereby disappear pain in the feet and ankles. Its main advantage - it is a support for the instep, which reduces pressure on it and ensured its anatomically correct position.

These shoes are often made to order and fully conforms to the shape and size of the individual's foot. First, you should consult with an orthopedic surgeon, and then in a specialty store or shop in the profile will make casts of your feet. According to the obtained casts for you will make orthotics or inserts (orthoses). Insoles allow evenly distribute the load across the foot. Splints can be entirely on the entire foot and heel cushions can be in the form, "podpodushechnikov" finger or polustelek. These insoles can invest in ordinary shoes or order several pairs of orthopedic shoes, it all depends on the specific problem of the patient.

Now, there are specialty stores that sell orthopedic shoes for adults and children. For the health of the feet comfortable shoes is important, therefore, to such purchase must be approached responsibly. Its main requirement - full compliance with the size and shape of the foot. Be sure to try on shoes, is it to you to be as comfortable as possible. Shoes must be stable, light, durable, flexible, non-deformable in the socks and have a small heel. Inspect the inside surface of the product, it should be smooth, with no rough seams. Well, if for the most painful places will be provided special grooves. Pay attention to the insole to preserve the therapeutic properties of their produce with the use of plastic, duralumin and cork. Ask the seller to show a certificate, the document will indicate the safety and quality of products.

Orthopedic shoes allows her mistress to lead an active lifestyle and, although modern fashionable women do not always like her appearance, but the functional characteristics of these shoes is beyond praise. Just take care of the health of their feet, and then you can easily wear elegant boots and high heels.

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