How to choose a good dentist

How to choose a good dentist
 Personal dentist - it's not such a luxury, as many people think. It is chosen by people who care about their health and image. Long gone are the days when the beautiful white teeth were considered the privilege of the sports stars and film. Today, the owner of unsightly teeth hard enough to go through life and even make a good career.

Where to cure your teeth? This question bothers those who need help dentists. Statistics show that people who apply for dental services in Moscow over the past 5 years, doctors have changed 4-5. This means that to find a specialist who could be trusted, very difficult. Unfortunately, teeth "know how" to treat everyone who got to this state license.

Are there any criteria by which you can choose a good dentist? Qualified dentists can be found in the small office of the state institutions and elite hospital. Public hospitals are not always able to provide a qualitative approach. It is best to go to a private clinic where there is modern equipment, necessary materials and preparations.

Is it possible to know the level of the clinic for the first time coming to her? Of course, yes. First of all, a good clinic reigns cleanliness and order, and at the entrance to wear disposable shoe covers offered. Besides, a good clinic should be a special license for a certain type of dental work. This also needs to be sure.

In addition to first impressions, there are few signs that determine the level of care provided at the clinic. Therefore, having come to the dentist for the first time, you need to pay attention to the work of the doctor and dental equipment itself. In good clinic doctor always works with an assistant, as modern equipment simply can not handle it alone, and they are working in full-gear. A patient is in a special dental chair. Modern dental unit must be equipped with a vacuum cleaner and saliva ejector, through which the doctor can remove pieces of teeth and saliva.

The clinic should be protected from infectious diseases (AIDS, hepatitis), which must apply modern methods of disinfection and disposable syringes. All dental procedures should be carried out under anesthesia, and their entire course must be recorded in writing. Pay attention to the provision of guarantees.

If you could choose a dentist who has caused you trust, then be sure to ask his category. There are only three categories - first, second or higher. But there is also such an important criterion as a regular doctor passing qualifying courses (including how often, how often he passes them). By Russian standards qualification courses need to go every 5 years. If a doctor is a member of a professional association of dentists, it is a significant plus.

Generally, the best recommendation - a regular customer. If they have a doctor, then you can safely written to him at the reception.

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