Hirudotherapy: unpleasant, but useful

Hirudotherapy: unpleasant, but useful
 Leech therapy or treatment with leeches is relevant for the past three millennia. Medical leeches (segmented worms) used for this procedure, have the ability to stick to the skin and sucking blood stagnant, bring relief in many disease processes in the body. However, the main value in the ability leeches girudoterapii injected into the bloodstream a lot of useful medicinal substances (more than 100), thereby explains the wide range of application.

Prisasyvayas to the skin, produces a product of their leech salivary glands - hirudin. This particular substance capable suspend the clotting process, and after eliminating the leech, blood continues to flow from the wound for several hours. The very process of efflux of blood does not bring unpleasant or painful sensations as hirudin has also analgesic effect. Can only be unpleasant first impression at the time of attachment of leeches to the skin. Since each leech is unable to suck large amounts of blood, it profluvium blood from the wound just need to help the body was palpable.

Range of applications girudoterapii

- Suck, leech publishes ultrasound, which is able to change the rhythm of the damaged organs.
- Recent studies have established the ability to recover corrupted secret leech nerve cells.
- Sucking blood leeches promotes blood flow in the deep tissues that eliminates congestion.
- Anti-sclerotic effect girudoterapii explained by restoring and improving blood circulation in the arteries, which in turn leads to the restoration of fat metabolism.
- Chronic diseases of the respiratory, urinary and digestive system.
- Diseases of the heart and blood vessels.
- Male and female infertility.
- Cutaneous inflammatory disease.
- Diseases of the eye, ear, nose and throat.

Leeches put on a clean surface of the skin behind the ears, under the neck to the occiput to the coccyx at the heart. You can not put them on the face and place the proximity of veins and arteries. By the time setting must be hungry leeches (mobile enough). Next, turn each leech is placed in a test tube (head end up) and puts it to the skin. After sucking leeches tube removed.

Engorged leech falls off itself, and only in some cases it is necessary to remove, but not hands, and provoke its detachment from the skin, sprinkle it with salt. After sessions girudoterapii bleeding place for some time left open, then washed with boiled water and put a sterile bandage. Leech therapy consists of 10-12 sessions.

It is not recommended to engage in self-hirudotherapy. Improper setting of leeches can not bring healing and health problems. In addition, girudoterapii has its contraindications: reduced blood clotting, weakened body, anemia, low blood pressure, pregnancy.

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