Healing scents of nature

Healing scents of nature
 For many thousands of years aromatherapy has been used successfully to treat a wide range of diseases. It was known in ancient China, where it was described in great detail. And from ancient India to have survived the various methods of treatment using essential oils. It was believed that the physical and energetic state of human influences "ether" - a substance that feeds the gods themselves.
 In today's world of aromatherapy has received a new development in the 70s of the last century. Today, scientific laboratories receive confirmation of the positive influence of essential oils on the course of the disease. And as the use of many drugs is associated with a risk of complications, the aromatherapy is gaining more and more fans among those who prefer all natural.

The sense of smell is formed as the first signal system of the person. And the information it receives from not only the cortex but also in the subcortex. Thus, odors can affect the emotions of people. They can both trigger memories associated with a particular aroma, and change the physical state - to raise or lower the pressure, soothe or invigorate.

Until now, not precisely determined than are oils. At its core, this odorous substances produced by plants Essential oil and causing their value. Oils play an important role in the life of the plant, protecting it from disease. None of artificially created the drug can not be compared with essential oils such a wide spectrum of action, a rich composition and lack of side effects.

Mechanisms of action of aromatherapy can be several. This pharmacological when essential oils are used in, where components react chemically with hormones, enzymes and acids organism. Physiological when oil affect the organs or tissues, stimulating or calming them. And finally, the psychological, as a result of exposure to body odors gives an individual an "answer" to it. This emotional reaction can cause both psychological and physiological change.

Essential oils can be used in various ways. They are taken into use in the form of compresses and inhalation. They will help to strengthen the effect of massage and baths. The doctor will be able to pick up the necessary -aromoterapevt for you oils and mixtures thereof. Indeed, the impact of oil on the emotional state can be quite strong. And incorrect use can lead to insomnia, depression, and a general deterioration of health. It should also be used with caution essential oils pregnant women, nursing women and children.

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