Errors in emergency care

Errors in emergency care
 Emergency care is so called emergency that it must implement as quickly as possible. Situations that require this kind of instant action, may be completely different. But, ultimately, the result will be: introduced error can lead to death of the victim.

There are many different books, which describes how to act under certain damages. However, knowing only a theory, not a lot of benefit to the victim bring. You need to have at least a little bit of practice and nerves of steel. At the moment, allocate 7 basic mistakes that can prevent people with emergency care. And all these omissions can kill.

So, the first error - panic. Often it is in this state is difficult to think rationally, therefore, can prevent a lot of inaccuracies and blunders, which does not contribute to the improvement of the patient.

The second mistake - inaction. It can be caused by extreme confusion and fright, and indifference. Last punishable by law in accordance with the Criminal Code as "leaving a person in danger."

The third mistake - haste. Manifested as a kind of panic. Like and want to help, and try my best, but in the rush of allowing a lot of mistakes that lead to serious consequences.

The fourth mistake - procrastination. Often with injuries in a car accident just a minute to lose large amounts of blood and die.

The fifth error - wrong actions. They do not bring any results, but only take up valuable time.

The sixth error - treatment "popular" means. Applied to the wound plantain leaf - like the easiest method. But it does not help if punctured artery, and blood pressure gushing from the wound.

Seventh error - failure to appeal for the qualified help. At the same turn, if time does not involve a doctor, you can translate the closed state to the open or wait until the bone fragments cut the blood vessels or nerves.

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