What are sick people who were born in the spring

What are sick people who were born in the spring
 For parents, their baby, no matter what time of year he was born, the most favorite and expensive. Naturally, they worried about his health, and sometimes confusing information, though a predisposition to certain diseases depends on the time of birth. Some people take it for a frank quackery, and other such information are more seriously.
 If a child is born in the spring, especially in May, the first months of his life, especially when he was still weak and vulnerable, fall to the period of flowering plants. In the air, there is a huge number of the most diverse pollen - strong allergens. In some children, it can cause a reaction of the immune system. And sometimes allergic to a particular pollen remains for life.

Conception of those children who were born in the spring, I had the summer months. This means that their mothers breathed, as well as prepared food and drinking water particles of pesticides commonly used in agriculture in most countries - herbicides, pesticides. The concentration of these toxic substances in the environment as the maximum time during the summer months, and through the mother's body they affect the fetus. As a result, among the children of spring higher percentage of autism.

By studying statistics in many countries the researchers found that children born in the spring, most of his peers susceptible to colds and diseases of the cardiovascular system. As adults, they are more prone to depression, alcoholism, and are subject to various forms of dementia, such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease. And indisputable is the fact that girls born in the spring, much more often than their peers born at other times of the year, ill anorexia nervosa on the basis of a manic desire to lose weight. Why is this happening, the science is unable to explain, although put forward a variety of hypotheses.

But, of course, parents of children spring should not be afraid and blame yourself for something that is not transferred to the conception of a more favorable period. Indeed, the term "higher probability" does not mean that some event will certainly happen.

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