To take or not to take vitamins?

To take or not to take vitamins?
 It seems, and the spring has come, but with the spring mood appeared sleepy, began losing his hair, decreased immunity. It would seem that all the signs of spring beriberi, we immediately buy a jar of saving vitamins. But in my head the question arises: Do we need these vitamins my body? And they will bring benefits?

It is considered that a varied and balanced diet should fully supply the body with all the necessary vitamins. However, in practice, our power system is far from ideal. Many products are chemically treated after refining long-term storage and preservation of vitamins lose nearly all.

A bad habits such as smoking, alcohol, a large number of used drugs, particularly antibiotics, the presence of other diseases and stress - all this leads to the fact that reduced amounts of vitamins in the body. That's taking into account all factors, doctors recommend preventive measures to take multivitamin complex, as a supplement to the diet or as a course in 2 months a couple of times a year.

Others argue that the human body can adapt to the lack of vitamins, and if there is no functional abnormalities in the body, high benefits from well-organized diet than vitamin complexes.

Take vitamins is recommended in such cases:
- If the power is irregular, monotonous and unbalanced;
- If enforced strict, low-calorie diet or a mono-diet;
- If the organism carries increased physical and psycho-emotional stress, it refers mainly to athletes;
- After operation;
- During the course of any disease or thereafter;
- People who have a chronic illness;
- Those who adhere to a vegetarian diet;
- The people who make or hormonal contraceptives;
- Pregnant women;
- With vigorous growth of children, and the elderly;
- People who have bad habits.

Take vitamins constantly is not necessary. As a prophylactic recommended to drink vitamins in the form of courses in the spring and winter. A longer course of treatment prescribed athletes, people who work in hazardous enterprises, and those who have severe climatic conditions.

Before taking vitamin supplements should consult a doctor and pass the necessary tests. So you can choose the best vitamins for your body.

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