The victory over the trials. Oncological diseases

The victory over the trials. Oncological diseases
 Today, many experts are inclined to believe that the occurrence of cancer is closely associated with psychosomatic disorders in humans. But the body - a system that can not only to self-destruction, but also to heal. And that means people are able to overcome the disease, believing in yourself and hoping for the best.

Up to 80% of cancer patients in varying degrees, have deep psychological problems, contributing to the launch of the mechanism of growth of malignant tumors. It may be a fear of loneliness, originated in childhood, such as when parents divorce and despair due to the inability to change the world and to suspend for the time, owe their origin youthful experiences.

Kontaminiruyas, these two feelings pursue human life. The loss of loved ones, disappointment in his personal life and conflicts at work only enhance the effect on the body of negative attitudes towards reality. A person begins to feel that life is passing, bleak and merciless. Constant depressed mood eventually leads to the fact that the body triggers self-destruction.

How, then, to defeat the disease, or at least suspend it for? After a cancer in many cases exacerbate depressed patient. Some patients, not relying on traditional methods of treatment, turn to traditional healers and healers. But no one, often contradicting not only the official medicine, but also common sense, "folk remedy" to combat this terrible disease is not able to give hope to recover even if temporary improvement. After the application of such methods and potions disease can hide for a while, then to spread to other vital organs. The result - a new round of depression, growing frustration and fear that precious time has been lost.

Of course the traditional cancer treatments - this is an additional stress on the body is already emaciated physical and spiritual suffering. It is no accident in modern Russian and foreign clinics necessarily involve specialists-psychotherapists. Only they understand the power of the etiology of the disease and help patients find a positive side to it, seemingly meaningless existence, aggravated oncology.

Therapists recommend their patients even short-lived improvement regarded as a positive step to recovery and victory over cancer. The main thing - do not dwell on the past, not to worry again and again failure, loss and frustration, so as not to aggravate the disease. Such support is particularly important in the postoperative period, when many patients start to think that along with the tumor they cut out a particle of the soul, that life is already dark, it makes no sense, and the only way once and for all put an end to suffering - to leave voluntarily. Doctors advise in such moments to keep in touch with family and loved ones, which can help to endure this pain.

But what about those who do not have relatives and friends, and it happens that there is no corner where you can lay his head? In Russia there are many rehabilitation centers where treatment is based on the patient support each other. Group psychotherapy sessions, opportunity to finally do what he likes, and not daily routine, many cancer patients back to life, makes one believe that the world is not so bad. Some of them are starting to play sports, participate in creative competitions and even start a family. With the advent of a person hopes for a better future for his fears gradually recede, and sinister self-destruction program is replaced by a gradual recovery of body functions, which ultimately \ leads to victory over the terrible disease.

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