The truth about contact lenses

The truth about contact lenses
 Contact vision correction - one of the most popular lately ways back clear eyes. Scientists do not rest on their laurels, each year developing new technologies and improving made. About contact lenses recently are a lot of debate. Some praise them for their practicality and convenience. Others, by contrast, point out their shortcomings.

Main characteristics of contact lenses in which they are separated, - the optical power of the diameter and curvature. Physician, individually selecting lenses, be sure to take into account these data. We must also note and oxygen permeability, this quality plays an important role in the selection, but it depends directly on the material from which made certain lenses.

Modern lenses are made from a special biocompatible materials that are used in many areas of medicine. The main property of this material is excellent throughput of oxygen to the cornea, and the special development support it moisturized throughout the day. Moreover, modern lenses are protected from harmful UV rays.

Long use of contact lenses can lead to infection of the eyes. Various inflammatory processes cornea caused by germs that can get on contact lenses when using it wrong. For example, it is recommended to use contact lenses well wash your hands, so you will protect yourself and your eyes from unwanted infections. Specifically, the lens does not constitute a hotbed of infectious diseases.

One of the advantages of using this vision correction - the best peripheral vision. Contact lenses do not appear to limit the view, unlike glasses. Lenses do not restrict you in motion, you are free to play sports, swim in the pool. If you have any doubt, contact a professional ophthalmologist, not only did he answer all your questions, but you will pick up lenses individually. Do not forget to follow the rules of hygiene and usage, then contact lenses are safe and healthy means of vision correction.

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