The most common misconceptions about women's health

The most common misconceptions about women's health
 What we are told from childhood, often not true. These tales passed down from generation to generation, and some arise from the misinterpretation of scientific facts. You must be able to distinguish which of the myths - true and what is not worth even perceive.

1. Wearing lingerie does not affect the formation of breast cancer.

Women who wear bras more than twelve hours a day, the probability of cancer is much higher than that of those who prefer not to wear such clothes. This is due to the fact that her bra, pulling the breast, has a lot of pressure on the lymph nodes, which are located in the armpit.

2. From the use of cabbage growing breasts.

Since childhood, parents tell their daughters that have more than cabbage, the greater will be the chest. In fact, you can increase your bust with his only two cabbage in bra. This vegetable is not incorporates any elements that affect it in the breast growth.

3. Hysteria is only for women.

This is really a mental disorder is more common in women than in men. Anyway, the representatives of the male half of the population also suffer from this disease.

4. During pregnancy, it is necessary to eat more.

This is fundamentally wrong, because food must be balanced, full and varied. But it is impossible to overeat because it's a great stress to the body. Unborn baby receives all the nutrients in a certain amount. If they come in too much, the fetus can not survive simply because he will not fight for their existence.

5. Voice of the girls does not break.

In the females, the process of breaking vote (mutations) takes less noticeable. Boys larynx increased almost two times, whereas only a third of girls. As a result, increase the vocal cords, which have an impact on the pitch and tone of voice.

6. Cellulite is a disease.

Cellulite is a physiological norm, and it is rather secondary sexual characteristics, and not some kind of disease. Furthermore, to get rid of cellulite cell layer is practically impossible.

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