Smartprotezirovanie teeth

Smartprotezirovanie teeth
 One of the most popular wireless communication methods now recognized Bluetooth. Practical and so sought analogues do not exist. However, scientists have invented a new wireless connection, which was called Goldtooth or smartprotezirovanie teeth.

Goldtooth - this new invention, which is set in the human mouth in the form of small bits. With this prosthesis patient can talk on the cell phone, and even send SMS and emails without taking the device out of your pocket.

The versatility of the device on which the work of scientists from all over the former Soviet Union, is amazing. None of the wireless device is not combines as many parameters as Goldtooth.

The mechanism of action of the new device is quite simple. The sound that comes when you call on a mobile phone receives radio signals built into Goldtooth. Through the bone cavity radio redirects sound to the inner ear.

It turns out that the sound of an incoming call to the mobile phone will only hear the person to whom it is addressed. So, use Goldtooth can be anywhere, even where the talk is forbidden.

The plans to equip scientists device features voice control accounts to credit cards, sending emails, payment of goods in the shops and other popular features of smartphones and iPad-s.

However, to realize these goals will require integrating many functions of ordinary mobile phones into a single function on a tiny Goldtooth. But scientists believe that the success of their development to ensure that each intended target will be achieved, and consumers will have a completely new way of wireless communications.

Even today, some consumers are confident that with the development of smartprotezirovaniya gold crowns will be again at the height of fashion. And advanced users today believe that the practicality and compact Goldtooth is ideal for those who want to get a modern and multi-functional wireless connection.

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