PMS and business woman

PMS and business woman
 On the topic of premenstrual syndrome goes a lot of jokes. Men often feel a kind of excuse PMS women whose behavior does not suit them, and if a woman is nervous or too scattered, it may ask the question: "Do not you have PMS? ". Meanwhile, doctors define PMS as an illness, and, complex, affecting multiple body systems, and there is already not joking.

Every woman like syndrome manifests itself in different ways, and some are not seen at all. Still, the majority of women suffer from this temporary illness - it interferes with work and communicate normally with people. And if a woman occupies a high position, if it is a big responsibility, if it is necessary every day to communicate with many people, how can she cope with the duties and ailments?

First of all, experts recommend to open your organizer or notebook and carefully consider your schedule. Compare the list of its cases with days of the cycle. The first half of it, try to plan the most important and urgent matters. If you need something to count, analyze, try to do it in the first half cycle, and the second decision, leave everyday issues. Why do you need it?

Just the fact that PMS may interfere very important decisions, conduct negotiations. During this period better to do a more relaxed work that provides no nerve costs and active communication with important business partners. As is known, where the business is not the place to emotions.

However, it so happens that completely adjust your schedule does not work, and things to do still fall for the second half of the cycle. In this case, should operate at the situation. If you feel pain, take pain medication, and if very nervous, then take a sedative. Only the best and then, and more to do after consulting a doctor because it is not known how your body may react to different drugs in this difficult period. The most important thing - this is a common attitude. You have to convince yourself that quite calm and balanced, that look your best and you certainly will succeed.

If you are a business woman, then surely you will get to work by car. But during PMS is best not to drive, especially if a high probability of being in a traffic jam. Ask someone you bring up or leaving early, so as not to face similar problems and not be nervous once again.

The most important thing - it's attitude. Surely you have your own recipes and putting in order of their nervous system. Be sure to use them - and you will easily go through PMS.

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