Laws interoperability

Laws interoperability
 In ancient times, medical knowledge was quite limited. But even then the doctors advised refers to a combination of different products very seriously, as the wrong approach can not only impair the health, but also be the cause of diseases.  
 Modern scholars also argue that, by knowing the basics of proper alignment of products, we can improve health and protect themselves from certain diseases. The basis of this belief is the fact that the digestion of different kinds of food produced by different enzymes. Therefore, if both use the fats, proteins and carbohydrates, are various enzymes produced.

For some enzymes require an acidic environment, and for others - alkaline, therefore, inappropriate diet, they are in conflict with each other. Digestion with the difficult and fats and carbohydrates are deposited under the guise of well-known to many fat and toxins. Therefore, the fundamental law of good nutrition - the use of incompatible products with an interval of at least 3 hours.

Meat products are perfectly combined with all the vegetables and herbs, however desirable they have with bread or potatoes (because it contains starch). It is necessary to give up eating meat salad, flavored with vinegar. Vegetables and herbs can be used not only meat but also with fish and a variety of seafood, and eggs, with cereals and legumes. While for potatoes, cereals and breads are excellent combination vegetable oil and butter, herbs and vegetables, sour cream and cream. However, do not be a good solution with the use of potato bread or with salads, which have mayonnaise or vinegar.

All fruits and berries are best eaten separately from the main meals or, in extreme cases, at least 45 minutes before eating. However, it should be noted that, if desired, they can be combined with nuts. With regard to melons and watermelons, that due to the fact that they are easily decomposed, there can only be as a main dish. If you try to combine them with other food - it will cause indigestion.

Sweets, including confectionery products, also need to have separately from other kinds of food. This is due to the fact that sugar retards gastric juice. If sugar is to remain in the stomach for a long time - starts fermentation of food can be evidenced by the appearance of heartburn. Separated from the rest of the costs is also used milk.

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