How to stop being afraid of the dentist

How to stop being afraid of the dentist
 In a certain proportion of patients visit to the dentist is a sense of panic - dentofobiyu. And the consequences of this situation in the most deplorable. Due to the fact that the trip to the doctor is delayed until the last moment, instead of caries must be treated pulpitis, which is much longer and more unpleasant.
 Fight fear the dentist makes a certain algorithm. The first - a recognition of the problem, and the second - an analysis of their fear and try to find a comfortable option for the psyche out of this situation.

Learn to convince yourself, find a good reason why you need to go to the dentist. Imagine what can end your inaction - the loss of teeth, time, money, finally. The longer the patient is not treated tooth, the less chance to save him. Tooth never recover on their own. If struck enamel caries - it will not return the former integrity.

Find information on analgesics, which are used in modern dentistry. With knowledge, you will be calmer. Neither the dentist does not want to hurt you, today issues anesthesia pay maximum attention. No pain facilitates patient doctor. A single injection into the gum is enough to make you feel nothing for a couple of hours. And even this can be done painless prick if you first apply anesthetic spray. For serious interventions can be applied even general anesthesia.

Choose a good clinic or specialist. Interview friends, listen to their recommendations. Read reviews on specialized resources.

Sign up first on the advisory reception and talk to your doctor, describe the situation to him with ease. Forcibly treat you will not be a good doctor will understand you, calm, describe in detail how the treatment will go. Ask questions, talk, what a sedative can be taken before the next visit. If the doctor called trust, sign up immediately for the next intake.

Another way to deal with the fear of the dentist - bring your loved one. Let him sit with you while the doctor treats. And do not forget that a visit to the dentist should become a regular event.

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