How to remove eye fatigue

How to remove eye fatigue
 In our time, when everyone anyway in contact with the computer and other electronic devices, and most of them did in the society conducts a computer most of the day, our eyes are exposed to enormous stress. If the eyes are starting to hurt and itch is unbearable, then you expose them to excessive tension, and it is time to relieve fatigue from his eyes.

If you work at a computer, you need every 10-20 minutes to rest your eyes: get up from the screen and look at some object green. This color has a calming effect. The best option would be the green outside.

Owners of lenses is not recommended to wear them all day long, and even more so to go to bed with them, even if the lenses allow you to do it. The lenses are a strong irritant to the eyes, so use them as little as possible. If no extended wear lenses can not do, use special moisturizing eye drops.

In order to relieve eye fatigue, you need to come home to remove makeup with eyes and a few minutes to lie down in the dark with my eyes closed.

Quickly remove eye fatigue packs of tea and sage. The most effective use of alternating hot and cold compresses. Prepare two tanks of warm and cold solution, soak them cotton swabs and put on the eyes for 5 minutes warm lotion first, then cold. Continue treatment for 20 minutes.

Perfectly remove eye fatigue special exercises. Here is one of them: close your eyes and mow their way to the right, stay in this position for a second. Then look up as high as you can. Without opening his eyes, move them to the far left, then look down. Do this exercise slowly 10 times, then repeat it in the opposite direction, starting from the leftmost position. If you do this exercise every day several times a day, your eyes will be strengthened and become more resistant to stress.

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