How to get a quote on medical care

How to get a quote on medical care
 Not always MHI can get the necessary treatment. For some of the expensive operations required quota. If there is evidence of life on it is the right of any citizen of the Russian Federation, but its design is composed of several stages, and sometimes delayed for several months.
 If the treatment carried out in the framework of the OMC is not enough, you must obtain a quota on high-tech treatment. The basis for it is the conclusion of a doctor, so start the paperwork in the office have been watching you specialist.

In the statement, which prepares the physician should be reflected all the data on the state of your health, so you have to pass a comprehensive examination and pass a series of tests. "Shelf life" of most of them is two weeks, so that the medical examination should be carried out in a short time. Medical report must be certified by a chief physician of the medical institution where you have observed, after which the medical history will be transferred to the Commission a regional body health management. In addition to statements from you require copies of your passport, MHI policy, pension insurance policy and application form.

After consideration of your documents Commission will make a decision. If it is positive, will be issued a voucher for the provision of high-tech medical care. Sometimes submitted medical documents and conclusions are insufficient, so be prepared to undergo further examination. If the commission finds that you do not need expensive treatment, you will be given recommendations for further observation and treatment.

The next step is to review the documents clinic. They can be transferred back electronically or with your direct participation. Manual of medical institutions to examine your medical history, determines how urgently need high-tech treatment, and set a date for admission. In the absence of places you will be entered on a waiting list.

In cases where delay is dangerous to life, examination of documents takes place in an expedited manner.

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