How to get a deduction for medical treatment

How to get a deduction for medical treatment
 Quality of service in the private health care institutions in most cases is much higher than in municipal clinics. No queues and courtesy of staff attracts many patients. However, the price for the service is sometimes too high, but a tax deduction for medical treatment to compensate for part of the costs.
 Can compensate not only for treatment but also for drugs, diagnostic procedures, preventive measures and rehabilitation in a sanatorium. The deduction is available on the amount spent in the licensed medical institutions of the Russian Federation.

To obtain a tax deduction for medical treatment must apply to the tax office in the community. Need to contract for the provision of medical services, payment documents, certified copies of the license of medical institution, reference 2-PIT for the past year, issued at the place of work and income statement on a 3-PIT. Get deduction can and if you pay for the treatment of a close relative, such as a spouse, parent or minor child. In this case the required documents to prove your relationship (marriage certificate or birth certificate).

Fill in the income statement over the past year. The sample can be found at the information booth in the tax office. If you have any difficulties, you can contact one of the firms providing such services. Make a declaration in two copies: one you pass tax officers, and the second will you.

Check the correctness of medical documents. Make sure that the contract has all the necessary stamps and signatures. The same requirements apply and payment documents.

When submitting documents to ask the tax office employee put a date and signature on your copy of the declaration. This will be proof that you are treated to the tax authority in the case of documents suddenly be lost.

Consideration of documents usually takes 1-3 months. After this period, again refer to the tax office and ask about what decision has been made on your case. If so (and it will be so in compliance with all conditions and required documents) write an application for the transfer of the tax deduction. The money will be transferred into your bank account within a month.

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