Getting rid of Wen under the skin

Getting rid of Wen under the skin
 Clean and healthy skin - every girl's dream, but it requires special attention and care. Achieve excellent results is not so difficult, but sometimes there are various troubles. Since appearing on the face of talc can be a serious problem. And how can you get rid of them?

What talc like? They are, according to its name, is basically composed of adipose tissue. They belong to the tumor mass and do not cause any pain.

Causes of lipomas (so-called talc in medicine) is not known. There are many versions, but the most common and plausible is blockage of the sebaceous glands.

The most frustrating feature of lipomas is that they have the ability to increase. If they are initially in the size of no more than 1.2 millimeters, then after some time can reach several centimeters.

Small talc pose no danger, but grown up can cause circulatory problems, as well as begin to compress the surrounding tissue that can cause disruptions to nearby organs and even lead to necrosis of the skin tissue. Also independently, i.e. without the intervention, they do not dissolve and disappear.

There are three ways to get rid of Wen. In some cases, when Wen is still quite small, you can get rid of it and without a scalpel - with special injections.

The most common way - is to remove surgically. When you remove a small scar remains microscopic lipomas. Remove it under local anesthesia, and then will need to periodically come to the clinic for examination and dressings.

The latter method is also quite common, is called method husking. Is carried out using a laser and leaves no scars. This method is considered gentle and does not require hospitalization and in-patient treatment, although to be treated on an outpatient basis still have.

Hence the conclusion - to remove a lipoma is necessary, and the sooner, the better. Since the early stages of education is much easier to remove them and the consequences of their stay will be invisible.

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