Emotions under control

Emotions under control
 Each person can experience emotions. The reaction of some inspires fear. Looking at the other surrounding surprised their ability to keep everything in himself. These are the two extreme points. Both of these types of behavior have a negative impact on the person and his relationship with others. Therefore, it is important to learn how to control emotions.

Anger usually arises from a misunderstanding of each other. The interviewee does not want to accept your point of view, is tied dispute. As a result, anger spills out. In fact, the aggression is due to the fact that the opponent has a different view on certain things.

Such situations require the ability to control their feelings and emotions. It is important to prevent the manifestation of anger. To do this, you should consider, and whether the dispute is as relevant in a couple of days. Maybe for you it does not matter. Maybe it's the principle? If so, then it is not necessary minute surge of resentment, which will be applied to humans.

Becoming aware of your emotions - the first step on the way to their control. First you need to figure out what feelings you overwhelmed. This can be the envy or anger. Be honest with yourself and admit that you feel in reality.

Next The analysis of reasons that caused the aggression. You need to understand why you are having negative feelings toward a particular person. Maybe the problem is not in it, and you? Why something is so severe irritation? Start your search for causes, but do not confuse them with the investigation.

The next step is to learn how to convert and modify these feelings. If the conflict is ripe, and you feel that pent-up anger harder, gather strength and turn a negative into a peaceful course. For example, to make a joke. Interlocutor is hardly resist your charm. Especially in conflict over nothing he will likely not have much desire.

However, humor can be extremely rare. Most often there is a desire to shout at him or throw him something. Do not limit yourself. Do what you want. Only in his imagination. So you do not cause harm to others and maintain the health of yourself.

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