Summer season - the time that one half of the population is looking forward to, and the second - with fear. If you belong to the second category, and your desire to lose weight increases in proportion to your desire to eat something delicious, then follow some simple tips to help you curb your appetite insatiable and turn it from an enemy into a loyal friend and helper.

The first condition, which is absolutely necessary for taming the beast called a terrible appetite - is to create a harmonious environment around and unconditional love for yourself. Indeed, the presence of dissatisfaction with life at any level is a passionate desire to "seize" the resulting gap with something tasty.

Remember the rule of "great portions", which, according to experts, nutritionists, must fit in the cupped palms of your hands. If you are used to eating a lot, reduce the portions gradually, in order to avoid stress for your body and mind.

Learn to distinguish between real hunger, necessary for the survival of our body, from the false appetite, which is nothing more than a desire to be pampered. If you're really hungry, you can satisfy your needs any available quality food.

To combat the false appetite use liquids - the best assistants in this case are water with lemon and herbal teas.

Be active! In the muscles of our body contains an incredible supply of nutrients. Sensing the approach of hunger, run a couple of moderate exercise or stretch marks - you wonder how the desire to snack will evaporate by itself.

Once and throw away the thought of starving children in Africa, as soon as you can not cope with the contents of his plate. Your excess weight in no way be able to change their situation. If you really want to fight hunger in developing countries - better make a small donation.

Never punish or reward yourself with food - such a reward system can negatively affect your figure and self-esteem on the following morning. Be original - treat yourself to a Thai massage, buy a ticket in the pool or a movie ticket, instead of banal boxes of chocolates.

Do not eat foods that do not contain enough nutrients. It includes all industrial and processed foods, convenience foods, canned goods, "fast food." Eat whole, natural, healthy food, a small amount is enough to satisfy you for a long period of time. Ideal food should be as natural and fresh.

Create cool around him - even lowering the temperature by one degree allows you to save 50 calories a day

Remember that the forbidden fruit is sweet - diet and abstinence often lead to grazing and set even more weight than before their implementation. Moderation - the main key to success. Remember that the average person needs no more than 1500-2000 calories a day, depending on their lifestyle.

Finally, do not make a meal of worship. Remember that the food - it's just one of the ways to give energy to our bodies for a bright and busy life.

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