Products for happiness: ate and satisfied!

Products for happiness: ate and satisfied!
 Bad mood, fatigue and depression interfere enjoy life and enjoy it. But on the harmony of the soul largely affect the products used for food, and even their small amount can restore a sense of joy and happiness.
 In the human body there hormones directly affect the good mood - a serotonin and noripinefrin. Eating natural foods antidepressant can enhance the concentration of those substances which, in turn, improves the mood.

Bright fruit and vegetables.

Science has proven that the brighter natural products, the better of them becomes the soul. This is due to two things - the large amount of vitamins and trace elements, allowing defeat fatigue, and color therapy. Only in bananas, for example, contains a lot of vitamin B6, which helps overcome depression, as well as many trace elements such as iron, phosphorus, calcium, potassium and magnesium. That is why bananas, persimmons, oranges, tomatoes, carrots and lettuce are considered "products optimists."


Dark chocolates, containing in the structure a large amount of cocoa, promote the release of endorphins - substances that affect the pleasure center in the body. Also chocolate contains anadamid and penietilen having antidepressant properties, and fills in the body of magnesium reserves.


Due to the high content of vitamins and fatty acids affect the production of seafood "happiness hormones". Vitamins such as A, D, PP, B2, B6 and B12, and zinc and iron increases the production of serotonin and help get rid of stress and depressive state.

Dairy produce

Antioxidants and B vitamins contained in dairy products, has beneficial effects on the nervous system, soothe. A calcium not only improves the condition of teeth and bones, but also inhibits the production of stress hormones.


This unique product, like oatmeal, contains a lot of useful substances that remove toxins from the body, beneficial effects on digestion, and most importantly - put in order nerves. Contained therein thiamine, also known as the hormone of joy and optimism.

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