Orange physician: beneficial properties of carrot

Orange physician: beneficial properties of carrot
 Carrots - a seemingly unremarkable vegetable. Every gardener cultivates his pleasure at their summer cottage. Carrots unpretentious, grows almost the entire territory of Russia. To him are so used that do not think about the fact that close to be a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals.

Carrot contains salts of phosphorus, calcium and iron. It consists of proteins, pantothenic acid and pectin. Especially prized carrot because of the content of potassium, necessary for normal kidney and cardiovascular system. Due to the high content of folic acid it is recommended to use with anemia. Carrot promotes the formation of red blood cells. By lowering the thyroid gland eat carrots because it is rich in iodine.

Do not forget about vitamins - they are a huge number of root crops. Here and vitaminsBAnd vitamin C.D.E.K,,P.H.PP. Do you know why the carrot has so saturated orange-red? Because vitaminA. Thanks to him, the body is opposed to the formation of stones in the urinary and gall bladder. In order to get the required amount of this vitamin, the person should eat per day only 18-20 g carrots.

Studies have shown that carrots are good at such disease as night blindness. Carrot juice has beneficial effects on the skin, yet it is useful for colds, and reduces acidity in gastritis.

Best of all, using the carrot in cooking, fry it in oil or butter. When added fat root loses carotene, even if high processing temperatures. But those who are dieting and trying to lose weight, do not eat cooked carrots. When cooking in its sugar composition increases almost 2, 5 times. Therefore it is better to use it in raw form.

Popular carrots and cosmetology. From it are made masks. It is well softens dry skin and prevents acne and reduces irritation. With carrots can get rid of freckles and small dark spots. If you do hair mask to its application, it is much to strengthen them.

Even with Alzheimer's disease and oncology recommend eating boiled carrots. In this form, it dramatically increases the level of antioxidants as they inhibit the DNA damage.

Therefore, once again shinkuem carrots to cook the first dish or salad, remember that it is not just a vegetable, but a real miracle, which has a mass of useful and unique qualities.

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