How to choose olives

How to choose olives
Olives - one of the most useful products. In predominate vitamins, such as E, A and C. The pulp 75% consists of vegetable oils. The active substances contained in the olives, beneficially affect the cell membrane and mucous membranes as well as the stomach, pancreas and liver. Strengthen the cardiovascular system and cleanse the body of toxins and impurities. Therefore, the choice of olives, you must not make a mistake to present to the table is truly a worthy and useful meal.

First of all should know that green olives and black olives - it's the same thing, and they grow on the same tree - oilseed, called olive. Therefore, it is assumed that the green fruits - olives and dark - olives. Both kinds of wood are valued worldwide for their taste and healthy oil.

Delivered olives in Russia in cans and glass jars mainly from Spain, Italy and Greece, but more often, the stores can meet Spanish olives brands: Oro Negro, Perla oliva, Acenorca, Iberika and Sol Negro. The most expensive and elite views are considered Greek olives marinated with various additives.

Olives conventionally divided into three types: with bone, pitted and stuffed. But the choice of one or another, it is necessary first of all to pay attention to the content of olive oil, it should be not less than 50%. Also, the type of fruit must be free of external defects and have a dense consistency, even if they are seedless. If the bones, the flesh should be much more than bones. Of course, such features can be seen in a glass container, but if the olives in the tin, then the package must indicate the expiry date and size of the fruit. Caliber - specifies the size of olives. It consists of two numbers separated by a slash. This is the minimum and maximum number of fruit per kilogram dry weight of olives. The smaller the number, the larger the fruit. Standard 80 to 320. In the composition should not be present additives E 579 and E-270. The shelf life should be no more than 3 years for glass jars and tin for 2 years.

Raw olives usually not popular because gorchat. And if they get to the counter at the end of November - early December. Such fruits as possible ripe, and they can bring to the table without conservation. These olives can be stored for no more than six months.

The most important thing when choosing olives - this caliber and shelf life. Less than they are stored, the more they are useful. Also do not forget about the price. Traditionally cooked olives are expensive, so how in the world of the total harvest only 30% yield preservation, they are selected by hand and very long to cook. Well, the best olives are prepared according to the recipe "trubes", but it is an expensive delicacy, but it is very useful and tasty.

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