How to balance power

How to balance power
 Complete and balanced nutrition is necessary to maintain a healthy state of the body and outer beauty. Problems with the digestive system may occur because of improper diet, because it has to come to grips with acids, germs and toxins.
 The human body needs a tissue. You can get it from foods such as bran, peas, almonds, carrots, cabbage and other. This form of carbohydrates cleanses the body of accumulated toxins and speeds up metabolism. In the day you should eat at least 25 grams of fiber. If you want to increase your daily dose - do it gradually, after a sharp jump in consumer member may bring to the flatulence that is bloating.

Reduce your intake of fat, but do not reduce their number to zero, because they are involved in the assimilation of vitamins and stimulating the secretion of hormones. Eat vegetable fats, as they contain useful acid. These fats can be obtained from foods such as tomatoes, bran, watermelon and others. But also about animal fats should not be forgotten. In the daily diet should be present not more than 500 grams of the element.

Include in your diet and protein, as this battery is responsible for transporting nutrients, supports the immune system and participates in the gastrointestinal tract. The daily dose of the protein is equal to 1 gram per 1 kg human. This item can be obtained from foods such as meat, milk, eggs, fish, peas, and others.

In addition to these batteries, you must help your body physically demanding. If you do not have time for morning exercises, at least move, more walk in the fresh air. Try to give up bad habits, as they have a negative impact on the body. Drink per day for at least 1, 5 liters of water.

If you can not give up their favorite, but harmful products, though pinch consumption to a minimum.

Shall describe their diet, break every product on the elements. Remember that some fresh food is much better than those that have been processed (eg, vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans).

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