Food for mood

Food for mood
 Food - a source of health, vitality and good mood .... Yes, rainbow mood very often can be found at the bottom of the dish. What foods can give people a sense of happiness and fullness of life? Oddly enough, the list is quite large.

The fact that the food has a direct impact on our health - it is no secret. But, as it turns out, the food is also a regulator of our mood. Naturally, not all but only some of the products.

For example, at one time the chocolate sold in pharmacies, rightly considering his medicine. Because it contains caffeine, theobromine, vitamins (PP, B), potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron. Chocolate helps to concentrate, successfully fights with stress, lack of energy, fatigue, and protects the body from atherosclerosis. Indeed, the miracle product. The only "but" is that all these Superproperty has only dark chocolate. His fellow milk - delicious, but quite useless treat.

Bananas - a source of good mood and a huge health benefits. The fact that these results, as well as the cocoa beans are rich in magnesium. Research scientists from Canada have confirmed the relationship between lack of magnesium in the body and chronic fatigue, decreased libido, decreased interest in life, worsening of sleep and appetite. Among other sources of magnesium is also whole grain bread, nuts, bran, honey, beans, soy. But the leader in the number of the indispensable element remains cocoa.

Citrus, containing a large amount of vitamin C, are also a source of good mood. Oranges, grapefruits and tangerines increase the body's ability to assimilate iron, without which no win fatigue. A fatigue always makes people sleepy and irritable.

In season, you can replace the exotic citrus local strawberries, cherries, black currants, radishes and other gifts of summer. In the gray winter days, so inviting to the spleen, vitamin C will sitochnikami tropical fruit - kiwi, guava, mango and others.

Tryptophan - a substance involved in the production of serotonin - the hormone of happiness. But sources rich in tryptophan are turkey meat, and milk and dairy products. Of course, the use of milk is very controversial, and many people are allergic to it. But, nevertheless, quite a dose of tryptophan can be obtained enjoying a pair of small pieces of cheese flavored.

Dates and figs - amazing sweetness, bringing the body to benefit much more than candy - a source of dental caries. The fact that these fruits contain vitamin B6, involved in the synthesis of serotonin regulating mood. And all this - without harm to the figures.

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