Fat burning soup: 8 kg per week

Fat burning soup: 8 kg per week
 Diet for a lot of girls - is synonymous with the word "nightmare". The word "diet" means that within a few days will be almost impossible to eat anything. And if you can, then something is too good to eat. Dieting can not feel hungry? This is true. Meet the Bonn soup!

Fat-burning (Bonn) soup can sing odes and serenades. After all, it really burns fat!

The recipe is fantastically simple, the products can be easily purchased, even in the most severe winter (and not go broke at the same time), for the week, you can easily lose about 8 pounds.

So, for the preparation of fat burning soup, we need:

6 bulbs (with or without feathers)
A few fresh tomatoes (3-4)
1 head of cabbage,
2 green bell pepper pod,
1 bunch of celery greens,
1 bunch of parsley,
Meat or vegetable broth.

Vegetables should be finely chopped, add to the pan, pour broth and simmer until such time until they are soft. All of them!

Bonn soup to eat a week (the more soup you eat, the more fat will go). Upon request, you can add to it some products.

1st day
You can eat all fruits except bananas and grapes.

Day 2
You can eat all the vegetables except legumes. For dinner you can eat a baked potato

Day 3
You can eat any fruits and vegetables. From potato refrain.

4th day
You can eat as many as three bananas with low-fat milk! Paradise for the sweet tooth!

Day 5
A paradise for meat eaters. You can eat 500 grams. meat and six fresh tomatoes.

6th day
Meat and green vegetables - your all.

7th day
Add the brown rice menu. Along with green vegetables should get very tasty!

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