Your Food Addiction

Your Food Addiction
 Food addiction - is the same habit as alcoholism or smoking, it leads to a violation of the weight and the following problems are not only physically, but also psychologically. The reason for its occurrence is the human desire to get away from their problems in a simple way: eating not because of hunger, but because of the resulting from the process of pleasure.

The consequence of "jamming" problems are lack of energy, weight in the stomach, laziness and unwillingness to engage with their appearance. Get rid of food addiction is not easy, but you need to find the strength to take the first step.

First you need to ask ourselves: what is the real cause of the need for food: derived emotions or the food itself. After all, the joy and good mood can cause a variety of ways, in addition to harmful snacks: sports, dancing, meeting and talking with friends and family. The main thing at the initial stage - to understand the essence of the problem and take the right steps to get rid of food addiction.

Write down everything you eat during the day in a notebook, and before you take the food. This method will make you think twice, and if needed a snack right now? What caused this desire to eat?

Raise your self-esteem and mood with praise. Say to yourself phrase with a positive attitude, such as "I am the most beautiful today! "During the day, a hundred times, and you will notice how your mood will improve without unnecessary eating food.

Take your free time playing sports, which gives you joy and satisfaction. It can be dancing, walking in the park, horseback riding, cycling, walking on roller skates and share with friends all these classes bring in twice as much positive emotions. Some people prefer private lessons will fall in the gym. After exercise meal is not contraindicated, because you will need to make up for lost energy, and not just make a snack out of boredom or lack of experience.

Restrict your diet should be gradually, because it is a lot of stress for both physical as well as mental health, so the first time the possibility of disruption, but do not blame them yourself. If cope with food addiction does not work, see your doctor. You can help nutritionist and therapist, group therapy is useful, because in the company of like-minded to deal with the problem much easier.

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