Woman and PMS: who wins?

Woman and PMS: who wins?
 During this period, even the toughest men are afraid of the seemingly modest women. But 90% of the fair sex suffer premenstrual syndrome several hundred times in a lifetime! In some states, the ICP defendants during the commission of the offense is considered a mitigating factor. It is said that in such cases, women-killers even justify. But you do not want to kill anyone? And even scare others and angry at this stage is not desirable. But what do you do if a woman is bad?

In the body of every woman is constantly changing levels of hormones responsible for the menstrual cycle. Premenstrual syndrome is caused by just these changes. Because one of the ways to deal with PMS - birth control pills. They include sex hormones. Because of this, the body "brakes" production of its own, and therefore terminated due to the complexity of the ICP. However, this is not always convenient and can be addictive.

Some better change your mode. And not just on the eve of "critical days", but in general. It is particularly important rational, balanced diet and regular physical activity (at least dancing or aerobics).

Well, at the very beginning of the PMS should pay particularly close attention. By the way, some experts believe that this terrible syndrome occurs 2-3 days before the beginning of a new menstrual cycle. Others argue that this is even 14 days. Probably, all in different ways, but all the same we should start to prepare carefully for a couple of weeks before menstruation.

Immediately have to give up coffee and other products containing caffeine - such as chocolate (or at least reduce their consumption). 10 days especially try to get enough sleep, do not overwork, to find time for passive relaxation. For the week, it is important to reduce salt intake to 3 grams per day, because salt retains fluid in the body, leading to symptoms of PMS as excessive breast tenderness, swelling, etc. For 5 days, try to start drinking herbal teas that are considered not only diuretic, but also a sedative. 3 days, you can try "wept for the future", seeing alone melodrama or read the sad book.

2 days should really try to avoid alcohol. At this stage, one glass of wine will act as five! And besides degrees too reinforce any of your emotions at this stage ... The day you must take a bath with essential oils, fragrant foam or sea salt. And in the morning on the day of menstruation to cheer up and become more energetic help juices from sour grapes or citrus.

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