Vitamins guard your health

Vitamins guard your health
 Vitamins - this is one of the important components of health and beauty. If the body lacks them, it is immediately reflected in the appearance of the person, on his mood, which becomes depressed, and, of course, on health. Immunity is weakened, the body becomes susceptible to diseases, especially respiratory infections. Condition teeth, nails, hair and skin depends entirely on these magic components.

Vitamins can be used as a natural form or in the form of food supplements. It all depends on human nutrition, lifestyle and time of year. In its natural form vitamins contained in the products. The main sources are fruits, berries, vegetables, herbs and juices. For the full saturation of the body with vitamins to properly and in time there as much as possible and keep a healthy lifestyle.

There are a few rules for the use and storage of vitamin-containing products. These tips will help the body avoid unnecessary losses of vitamins.

Firstly, it is impossible to eat fruit, along with the main food, since they tend to ferment at a rapid ingestion with other products. Better to eat fruit for two or three hours before meals or the same amount of time after it, then the body will receive 100% of the vitamins contained therein.

Secondly, when the heat processing of food is lost significant percentage of vitamins. To save the number, you should try to cook only coarsely chopped vegetables and fruits and bring them to a heat treatment the least amount of time.

Thirdly, vitamins in natural form can be used in winter. There are several ways of processing products with minimum loss of their usefulness. This freezing of vegetables, fruits and berries, drying, canning fresh berries with sugar.

If for some reason there is no way to use vitamins in kind, to the aid of various vitamins. They are sold in pharmacy chains, their choice is huge. The most important thing to know what is really required by the body. In addition, there are also certain types of complexes consisting of several species (multivitamins and multivitamins) and vitamin and mineral preparations - a tandem of vitamins and minerals. For general maintenance of the body in times of scarcity of fruits and vegetables is ideal vitamin and mineral complex. Its consumption will satisfy the body. But do not get carried away, a glut of vitamins is much more dangerous than vitamin deficiency. Therefore it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions for use. If there are suspicions about the lack of vitamins the body, but there is no certainty, it is best to consult a doctor for advice.

It is important to remember that the foundation of happiness - it's great. It is necessary to protect and take care of it. To do this quite a bit to try: fully fed, lead a healthy lifestyle and maintain the body in difficult moments for him.

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