Useful products for liver health

Useful products for liver health
 To liver function properly, it is desirable to organize a power mode in which the load on the body will be minimized. This will help in healthy products to the liver, which help clean it from accumulated toxins.

A number of products irritate the liver. Understand that they must be discarded, is quite simple: just need to listen carefully to your body. If, after a hearty meal, and abundant in the right side feels heavy and unpleasant aftertaste in the mouth, it means that the liver feels excessive burden. Examples of these products include fatty meats and fish, sweets, animal fats, alcohol, smoked, spicy seasonings. Such food is harmful to the liver.

Improve liver vegetables and fruits rich in pectin. They contribute to the elimination of toxins. The high content of pectin in seaweed, apple, quince, pumpkin. Useful for liver beets, corn, zucchini, cabbage, collard greens. In the period of acute liver disease, it is desirable to expose fruits and vegetables to heat treatment.

Do not assume that healthy food for the liver - it's just vegetables. Despite the fact that the protein from the organism can draw legumes, lentils, peas and meat refuse is not necessary. Need only to choose the most dietary meats and cook it properly.

Hot meals are meat-based are not very useful. It is best to cook vegetable soups in a pinch, you can use the secondary broths, but not every time.

Among the methods of cooking zazharivaniya best avoided in principle. When frying foods form harmful acrylamide, has a negative impact not only on the liver, but also in other organs. In order that the food is better absorbed, portions should not be too large, and there must be at least 4-5 times a day. Fasting for liver diseases can bring only harm, as well as disrupt the healthy body.

As the drinks are useful rosehip infusion, green tea, carrot juice, mineral water. Creates an increased load of coffee, any alcoholic beverages and soda dyes and preservatives.

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