Tomato and sunflower than the useful

Tomato and sunflower than the useful
 In today's world there is a constant negative impact on the human body through contaminated environment, constant related stress and other factors. Therefore, people are searching for at least some means to protect against them. These tools are useful for human foods: sunflower and tomatoes.

Tomatoes and sunflower - a real storehouse of health. They must be present in your diet. For example, in sunflower seeds high content of fatty oils, carotenoids, and also tannins, citric and tartaric acids fitina.Podsolnechnoe oil is recommended for use in the treatment of atherosclerosis, and as a purgative. Do not neglect the sunflower, if you have liver problems, because it is a good choleretic agent. Sunflower oil is used not only for oral administration, but also for external use in the various medicinal ointments and balms. You should know that this is very useful product a high content of vitamin E, so necessary for our body.

In tomatoes, too much vitamin E. A, moreover, fructose, glucose, mineral salts, copper and zinc. And many simply the body needs vitamins. Just as in sunflower, tomato has a citric and tartaric acid. In addition - malic acid and oxalic. And most importantly - is the presence of lycopene, which is a powerful antioxidant and helps in the fight against a huge number of severe diseases, such as oncology. Tomatoes appropriate to use in combination with a sunflower oil, because Lycopene is perfectly assimilated with fats. It is recommended to use the food kidney disease, as well as in the case of sunflower, atherosclerosis. It is useful for those who suffer from intestinal disorders.

And sunflower, tomato and help for a long time to keep health and youth: they help to improve the complexion, as well as to preserve youthful skin, improve digestion and therefore regulate the gastrointestinal tract.

Like these products, and you reduce the risk not only of cancer but also heart attack, and stroke. Doctors recommend them and those who adhere to the diet.

Make sure that what foods you eat, eat healthy and tasty foods.

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