The more dangerous insect bites

The more dangerous insect bites
 During warmer months, the townspeople take every opportunity to get out into nature, to go to the country or to stay near a pond. But while people often do not think about the ubiquitous insects that can ruin your whole vacation. After all, they can be dangerous, so you should know what kind of harm caused to their bites and how to defend against it.
 Blood-sucking insects such as ticks are active throughout the summer, but the peak of activity in May and August. The danger of biting insects is that they are capable of withstanding encephalitis - severe disease affecting the nervous system. So before you go into the woods or on the bosom of nature, Protect yourself clothes with long sleeves and light-colored hat. Upon returning home, carefully inspect the body and clothing for ticks.

If you accidentally discovered glaring tick and are not able to see a doctor, lubricate the affected area with vegetable oil. Insects will not do the air, and he hurried retreat. Carefully remove it with tweezers. Make sure that the wound did not remain head of the tick. If after the bite you got a headache or fever, consult a doctor immediately.

Mosquito bites are dangerous because they can be a carrier of yellow fever, malaria and helminth. If after the bite fever, fever and sweating, call your doctor at home. In combed wound may also get infected and develop purulent inflammation. To correct severe itching from mosquito bite, take ammonia and soak them skin. You can use a solution of baking soda - 0, 5 teaspoon per cup of water. Use protective sprays and lotions against mosquitoes.

It would seem that midges are absolutely harmless, but it only seems that way at first glance. The saliva of these insects is poisonous, so after the bite may appear swelling that lasts for two to three days. And while itching may disturb a few weeks. In the wound can get helminth eggs or other infectious agents. Black flies attracted to the smell of sweat and bright clothes.

If you are bitten by midges, as quickly as possible wipe the area with ammonia and apply ice. If possible, take antiallergic agent. Gathered on the nature, take care of special protective equipment against insect bites and about the medicine cabinet.

Stings of insects such as wasps, bees and hornets in case of hypersensitivity to the venom can cause severe allergic reactions. Hornet is literally shoots poison, causing serious burn the skin, so the bite can cause shortness of breath or swelling of the lungs. If you are stung one of these insects, immediately remove the stinger and apply to the skin cotton swab dipped in a solution of ammonia and water (1: 5). Dandelion sap prevents tumors and relieves pain. If you are prone to allergies, take antiallergic drug, keep calm and take a hot drink plenty of liquids.

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