That hides a tea bag?

That hides a tea bag?
 Tea bags so tightly entered our lives, that fans of leaf tea is becoming increasingly difficult to find in the store favorite brand is not in the bag. All drinking tea bags, because it is fast and easy, but it is good this tea?

There are several theories about the origin of tea bags. According to one of his invented an American trader who started packaged tea in silk bags instead of cans, and its customers, for some reason, these bags dipped in boiling water without unpacking. In another version of the invention belongs to the Chinese Onion Koo, described in his book, the process of brewing tea between two thin paper. On the third - the British soldiers of the First World's who brewed tea in camp kettles fell asleep in it a kind of sock.

But whoever came up with the first tea bags, and the patent belongs to the English producer Thomas Lipton tea. He came up to sell tea not only in tin cans, but in a nice cardboard box. Subsequently Thomas Lipton was dedicated by Queen knighted for popularizing the English way of life.

Tea bags are very popular in today's society, as they meet the basic requirements - easy to use and saves time. That's only if we know that it is omitted in a glass of boiling water?

Undoubtedly, the invention of tea bags greatly facilitates the process of making tea, but that's poured into this bag is not the best goods. Very often this is done using substandard raw materials: tea crumbs or dust, and well even if only that. Unscrupulous manufacturers may well add to the tea plant cheaper substitutes (eg, cherry leaves or poplar), pour caramel for color adjustment drinks and add all sorts of flavors and sweeteners.

Existing medical research, warns us that without harm to health can not drink more than 5 cups of tea brewed using tea bags. If you drink more, exceeding the maximum permissible concentration of fluoride in the body. This can lead to tragic consequences as skeletal fluorosis.

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