How to relieve PMS

How to relieve PMS
 Few girls can say that premenstrual syndrome (PMS) proceeds at them painlessly. Someone suffers pain, someone faced with a total lack of energy and lethargy, mood swings. Symptoms are many, but the ways to cope with PMS, unfortunately less.  

It was established that reduce negative feelings from PMS help five simple steps.

The first requires you serious effort. Will have to convince yourself that despite feeling unwell and ugly mood, need to get together and take the time to exercise. Physical activity can facilitate the flow of unpleasant period of your life. Should not be over zealous: it is enough just quietly walk around the house or on any route gives you pleasure: it interferes with bloating, reduce spasms. Take advantage of this opportunity to get your hands on the sacrament of yoga: it also helps to deal with premenstrual pain.

The second method will cause much less fun. This is a healthy diet. Among other beneficial effects on the body, a properly selected diet can help relieve PMS and generally strengthen your nervous system, contribute to lift the mood and flow of life force. Increase fluid intake, at least temporarily exclude from food-products, and most importantly - give up chocolate. It is necessary to stabilize blood sugar to avoid seizure. Excess amounts of salt will increase the likelihood of food bloating.

In these days is absolutely necessary to give full attention to proper rest and sleep. Put all the possible things to give yourself the opportunity to sleep: in this period your body not only stores energy, but also struggling with the pain. In addition, it will help to cope with feelings of lethargy and fatigue plaguing many women during PMS.

Folk remedies also offer you the recipes, how to cope with premenstrual syndrome and live it as painlessly as possible. With twitching help fight conventional heater filled with warm water - can even be used for these purposes an empty bottle of water. Put it on your lower abdomen and leave for 20 minutes.

Consult the pharmacy: a professional pharmacist can help you find the best drug that cropped pain of PMS. Try to choose products, which include herbs: they are quite safe and will not affect the functioning of other body systems.

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