Health drinks!

Health drinks!
 The body of each person is constantly losing fluids, especially in hot weather. Therefore necessarily required to replenish its reserves, because dehydration is fraught with serious problems and serious consequences.
 During the day it is necessary to drink from a half to two liters of liquid (in the intense heat, when there is a large sweating, even greater). If you stick to your diet, then you should drink beverages that help to lose weight or to fill the body useful minerals, and help speed up the metabolism.

It is important to know what drinks we drink. There are several recipes for juices that are tasty and at the same time useful.

For trying to lose weight very useful herbal infusions and teas. Very helpful leaves valerian, young nettle and rosemary. The leaves should be dried and brewed as a tea, letting it brew for quarter of an hour, drinking during the day without sugar.

Very useful for everyone, and especially for slimming green tea with milk. It tones, blunts appetite, helps to eliminate excess fluid from the body. You need to make tea in the morning and drink throughout the day in small portions.
Blunts appetite infusion of fennel and dandelion, and raw potato juice, drunk in the morning before breakfast.

Very useful and even nutritious vegetable and fruit cocktails. Useful and tasty drink with juice will celery. You can mix one part carrot and cucumber juice, add polchasti celery juice - and a vitamin drink is ready. You can mix 50 grams of celery with carrot and apple juice (100 grams each). If you absolutely can not do without sweet - add a spoonful of honey. A cocktail of lemon juice, tomato juice and celery juice can even replace the dinner - so it rich.

Very tasty and healthy berry teas, fruit and jelly. To be useful, cook them without sugar for sweetening, use honey. Drink them better cooling.

In the cold season will be very beneficial teas. Brew tea with hawthorn, mint, St. John's wort, rose hips, linden. You can put a spoonful of honey, a little squeeze of lemon.

Very invigorating drink is citrus, cooked in the evening. In thermos squeeze orange and lemon. Put a small piece of ginger. Pour freshly brewed tea strong and close. In the morning you will have a delicious flavored beverage that invigorates no worse than coffee.

Always useful mineral water or water from an artesian well. During the day you can drink a little mineral water, it is better not carbonated.

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