Fast Food Addiction

Fast Food Addiction
 People tend to treat eating no less awe than the addict to its dose. The cult of food everywhere is a common practice. But if in the past, "the subject of worship" becomes a meal prepared with high quality and tasteful, which should have in accordance with the complex rules of etiquette, in the company of friends or family - today replaced exquisite meal came fast food.

Many visitors fast-food show this dependency. They go to lunch during work break in your favorite fast food chain, in the evenings there buy dinner for the whole family to once again not to cook. And why, since it's so tasty and inexpensive feed?

Why is fast food so popular? Why such widespread addiction? Visitors fast-food around the world in common - they all love this food. They like it. Dependence of people on food that they like, much stronger than any other. According to some experiments, a lot of people give up on eating habits hardest.

But if you look at the problem from the other side, what's bad fast food? Initially, the fast food places were created as places where you can eat cheaply and quickly, and the need to eat at all the heavy work day. Fast-food chains of those that long on the market catering, created in the first half of the XX century for the workers engaged in heavy physical labor. So people needed high calorie foods. Lunch breaks were very small, it was impossible for a long time to savor your favorite dish, it was necessary to quickly seize on the fly a couple of hamburgers - and again to run the shop.

Today the average human life has changed from active to sedentary mostly. This means that most people who eat at fast food establishments are not wasting all those calories they get there. A surplus calories leads to obesity.

Modern people no longer need such a high-calorie and fatty foods, which traditionally prepared fast food places, and so manufacturers do their best to make their sandwiches and fries were the most delicious. Some quite unnatural and refined tastes with bright packaging primarily cause psychological dependence. Sugar and fats are addictive organism is much stronger than all the other products.

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