Everything about the benefits and dangers of sugar

Everything about the benefits and dangers of sugar
 Many experts still believe that sugar - it's bad for the human body. However, like almost every product, sugar has a negative impact not only, but also benefits for the development of the organism.

Harm sugar is only possible in the case of excessive use, since sugar is a high-calorie foods, which leads to obesity person. Since sugar contained a small amount of vitamins, minerals and fiber, means that a person in need of additional power, as a result leads to the formation of excess weight.

Useful sugars include properties to a greater extent to brown sugar which does not pass all the purification steps. Due to this structure it is more useful to human health. For example, brown sugar comprises vitamins, vegetable fibers, minerals that have a positive effect on the various processes of the body.

It should be noted that in nature there are many types of sugars which have their properties. The same or refined sugar - is sucrose, fructose - a sugar found in fruits, lactose - lactose, galactose - mushroom sugar stachyose contained in legumes, maltose - maltose, etc.

It sucrose contraindicated for people with diabetes as this disease does not produce insulin, which leads to excess carbohydrates. Also has a negative consequence of sucrose on dental health, but it is only in the event of excessive consumption every day.

On the other hand recommend the use of sugar as a medicament when a headaches or weakness in the body as sweet tea enhances glucose in the body. For a healthy person the amount of sugar in the diet should not exceed ten percent of the total amount of food (an average of 10-12 pieces of refined sugar).

It should be noted that reasonable use sugar directly, rather than substitutes since they contain harmful substances to the body that lead to the formation of disturbances in the organs and systems.

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