Everything about Kombucha

Everything about Kombucha
 Kombucha (Medusomyces gisevi), tea jellyfish, sea brew is a symbiosis of yeast and acetic bacteria. Often housewives hold tea jellyfish in three-liter jar in the kitchen. In a yeast fermented sugar solution into ethanol and carbon dioxide, and the bacteria convert the alcohol into acetic acid. The drink is obtained from this sweet and slightly fizzy. Sam looks like a mushroom layered slimy jellyfish and takes the form of banks, in which he lives. The upper part is glossy and smooth, and the bottom looks like a disheveled beard.

It is believed that Kombucha came to Russia from China, where it was called the elixir of health and used in various diseases. It turned out that kvass contains the following acids: gluconic, citric, lactic, acetic, malic, as well as B vitamins, vitamin C and PP.

Marine kvass need to know how to cook. Fungus lives in a weak solution of sweet tea. 1 liter of water should be added 30-50 grams of sugar. Water should be topped up in a jar of jellyfish slightly warm with pre-dissolved in it sugar. Pour sugar directly on the fungus can not.

Top jar with mushroom cover only a layer of gauze, and in any case, do not close it tight lid. The bank can not be left in the sun, it slows down the activity of bacteria. In winter, the solution should be updated once a week, and in summer in hot weather - every 3 days. Drained infusion, leaving the bank about half the volume. The liquid is filtered through a layer of gauze and stored in a cool place.

Periodically he fungus should be washed with clean water. Do it once a month in winter and twice as likely - in the summer. If this is not done, the top shiny side of the fungus becomes brown, and he slowly dies. Nor can leave long mushroom in the same solution without adding sugar and not changing the water because increased concentration of acetic acid begins to dissolve the body of a jellyfish. It is not necessary when washing fungus rub it hard, yet gentle jellyfish creation.

Bred Kombucha by separating from the main body of one layer, which is placed in a new container and fed by the same scheme. Please be aware that the separation of jellyfish and uncomfortable for some time can not swim in the upper layer of the liquid, and in the middle or at the bottom of the jar.

Traditional medicine attributes Kombucha following medicinal properties: the removal of a headache, regulation of the gastrointestinal tract and blood pressure reduction. Infusion of the fungus used to gargle with angina and colds, gingivitis and stomatitis, as well as for rinsing the mouth with periodontitis. It is also believed that the brew Kombucha calms the nerves and improves sleep.

With all the positive properties of the drink he still have contraindications. Do not take the infusion of diabetics and people with obesity. With caution should be used kvass people who have fungal diseases. It is not necessary to drink kvass those who suffer high acidity of the stomach.

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