Dangerous vegetarianism

Dangerous vegetarianism
 An increasing number of people are trying to turn to vegetarianism - the power supply system, which is based on the "green". However, some had already have a persistent taste preferences and accumulated diseases in which the reception of certain foods vegetarian cuisine is contraindicated.

The main danger of vegetarianism are as raw fruits and vegetables, the properties of which may have some negative impact on the weakened organ or system.

For people with severe problems of the digestive tract is not well suited raw food diet - a kind of vegetarianism when used as food only raw foods. Crude fiber fruits and vegetables irritate the digestive tract. In the same action the sour berries and fruit.

Gastritis with increased secretion of gastric juice and gastric and duodenal ulcers, eating watermelon, grapes, plums, citrus will only bring discomfort. The same cause discomfort cabbage, garlic, raw carrots, walnuts, cayenne red pepper, radish, onion and horseradish.

Problems with the pancreas can aggravate taking fresh fruit juices and whole oranges and radishes.

Cardiovascular diseases can be expressed in the use of onions, pickles and sorrel. And if heart disease accompanied by edema and delay in the body fluid, should be excluded from the diet of watermelon and grapes.

Liver problem "will not be happy" bulb onions, garlic, pickles, radish, horseradish, sorrel and pulses of red pepper and citrus.

When kidney disease should not use garlic, onions, pickles, radishes, sorrel and spinach. In renal insufficiency should avoid eating grapes.

For a long time the main disadvantage of vegetarianism was considered a lack of protein contained in plant foods, the amount of which is not able to cover the energy cost of human rights. However, there were denials that Japanese researchers have established that protein balance enough 50-54 grams. of protein per day (when necessary 82-118 g. based on weight).

Another argument was in danger of vegetarianism vitamin B12 deficiency (required for hematopoietic system), which is the main source of meat. But this myth was dispelled by laboratory tests of blood vegetarians in the plasma which was such as the concentration of vitamin B12, and in some cases even exceeded the norm.

Since the main obstacle is raw vegetarianism is not always able to digest the food you should avoid products that are not recommended under certain diseases. And to reduce the negative effects on the body, raw products are worth machining and heat treatment.

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