Coffee: to drink or not to drink

Coffee: to drink or not to drink
 Today, coffee is using almost every other inhabitant of the planet. This drink has long been famous for its excellent taste and aroma. Coffee beans contain a lot of nutrients. Among them it is important to note, iodine, magnesium and phosphorus, which is not possible without the correct operation of the human body.  

Coffee has long been known for its stimulating properties of the nervous system. It increases the capacity of man and brain. To this can be used for only 1-2 cups of beverage a day. However, the effectiveness of this method is shown only if the coffee drink does not fasting. Otherwise, the effect can be quite the opposite.

Another useful feature coffee is considered its ability to lift the spirits. Because it contained serotonin (or "happiness hormone"), the drink is an excellent antidepressant. Daily intake of one cup of coffee helps reduce the onset of depression nearly doubled. Caffeine also improves male potency and sexual activity in women older than 50 years.

Although the use of 2-3 cups a day is not harmful to health, excess rate may adversely affect it.

You should not drink coffee for people suffering from hypertension, since Caffeine helps increase blood pressure and heart palpitations appearance. A person who daily drank more than 6 cups, the risk of cardiovascular disease increases by 70%.

The same caffeine leaches calcium from the body and prevents its assimilation in the body. This is manifested in the form of brittle bones. Therefore, the coffee is recommended to use more fish and dairy products, as well as leafy vegetables.

It is advisable to avoid coffee for pregnant women, as drink can cause miscarriage or slow the growth of the fetus. Maximum for them is one cup of coffee per day. He is contraindicated and people suffering from insomnia. Coffee lovers drink should be consumed for at least 6 hours before bedtime.

Many believe that in the instant coffee is present less caffeine than freshly ground. In fact, this difference is not so great. If you want to reduce the content of caffeine in the drink, pour boiling water and organic coffee heat it only once to a simmer, and then pour into cups. In this case, the concentration of caffeine reduced, and the smell remains the same.

Currently, many manufacturers caffeine coffee extract using steam or carbon dioxide. Therefore, the coffee is not worth much to worry about their health. The main thing - to observe throughout the measure. Then drink will not bring you nothing but pleasure.

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