As autumn changes our body

As autumn changes our body
 Autumn time - the time of grace for a man. His physical and emotional state at this season of the year is the result of accumulated over the summer solar energy, vitamins and minerals. Autumn feel the maximum burst of energy. That is why the autumn - a time of new beginnings in work, school and other matters.

Autumn is making significant changes in the body, as occurs in the summer the most effective hidroxeur tube and fortification. Sweating in the hot summer days frees the body of accumulated toxins. And this contributes to the use of large amounts of fluid, fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. This, in turn, normalizes metabolism and updates all body cells. Health in the fall becomes more resilient to adverse external factors, as the sun's rays produced in the summer, strengthen the immune system, stabilize nervous system, improve blood circulation.

Autumn - time high physical activity. The same applies to the level of sexual energy, because all the best and useful that the body took over the summer by nature, has beneficial effects on hormones.

Autumn comes the maximum activity of the lungs and large intestine. However, this may cause a worsening in subjects with diseases of these organs. Accordingly, it is the most suitable time for their treatment and prevention. Also in the autumn active organs are the stomach, pancreas and spleen. Forgotten problems with them can remind myself it is these days.

To the health of the autumn as long as possible retain their potential, it is useful to stick to seasonal food. It creates harmony with nature and the body favors the normal course of physiological processes. Dining in the fall in the first place should be aimed at maintaining the liver, which in September-October is in a weakened state, as well as to reduce mucus in the body, which forms a moisture autumn weather. To do this, the food should be eaten warm, light, burning and astringent taste.

Daily diet should include autumn foods rich in B vitamins and choline. This buckwheat, oatmeal, nuts, legumes, potatoes, meat, milk, fish, eggs, liver, vegetable oil, all vegetables and fruits. Helpful all the spices except salt.

Proper nutrition and disease prevention not only preserve the health of the fall, but it is prepared for the coming winter.

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